26 Nov 2018

Perino & pasta fresca
An idea duet supported by the Italian tradition

Perino – the company with the Italian tradition in production of pasta fresca

In Europe, or maybe all over the world, there is a general opinion that ‘passion for pastas is born in Italy’. And that Italy is the place where the knowledge about pasta manufacturing and serving is the most extensive. We will not contest that opinion, as at Perino we think exactly the same. We are supported in our attitude by the fact that the roots of our company were planted in a small Italian town in the 1950s. There a grandfather of one of the current owners of the company was a professional supplier of pastas to restaurants in the neighbourhood. He manufactured Italian products for Italians, based on Italian recipes, and from Italian ingredients. And what is the most important, he was greatly valued by his customers. And this is where our history started, and we have been cultivating it for years by manufacturing pasta fresca – fresh, deep frozen pastas, professionally and on a large scale.

The best pasta fresca – secrets of manufacturing

We decided to exploit the success of our ancestor in the best possible way, and therefore, we started a process, sometimes difficult, aiming at improving production procedures and techniques. Our pasta fresca was to be a synonym of the highest quality, with a nod towards the Italian tradition. How did we get there? First, by consulting our ideas with renowned chefs working all over the Western Europe. They are the recipients of our products, so they are the most important judges. Their suggestions has guided us to this day, because, serving our pastas to their guests, they are our eyes. What’s next? We have a zero-one approach to ingredients we use to manufacture our pastas. We do not take any short cuts! We only use the best, very carefully selected products. We import mainly Italian products, but also use interesting seasonal products from all over the world. But the production methods are our best guided secret… In manufacturing of fresh pastas , teachers are very rare to find, but imitators are everywhere…

Fresh, deep frozen long pastas for the HoReCa sector

On the other hand, it is not a secret that our range is manly designated for the HoReCa sector, i.e., restaurants, hotels, and catering companies, serving premium products to their guests. Our products are used to create exquisite products, because the taste, the appearance, and even the texture of our pastas are appreciated. We make no secret of the fact that each day we strive to even further improve the quality of all our products, together with their associated sensory values. And we have quite a lot of them! Long tomato tagliatelle, short maccheroni, stuffed ravioli, or manually formed tartellacci – this is just a foretaste of an extensive range of our products. We also respond to each season by preparing for our customers an offer of the month with products appropriate for a given time of the year. What does this actually mean? For example, tagliatelle with porcini, pizzoccheri, pastas with pumpkin, ravioli with wild garlic, gnocchi with basil, pastas with venison and carmelised apple, ravioli in saffron dough with John Dory and fennel… As you can see – we like challenges!

Hand-made pastas…

Is it possible in the era of automation and mass production? Yes! In Perino we know that the appearance of the dish has a great influence on its reception and perception by restaurant guests. Therefore, our range also includes manually produced stuffed pastas, such as: tortellacci, rettangolloni, triangolloni and rotondi. Anybody who has seen them, knows that they look exceptionally good on a plate, and each piece is a little bit different. But it always looks exceptionally appetizing. People we employ at production of our products have artistic skills, and product shapes are developed in cooperation with renowned chefs and Italian specialists in this sector. While discussing the appearance of our pastas, their colour should also be noted. Some of our products are flavoured – and so coloured – pastas! An interesting colour results from adding natural ingredients, like tomatoes, beetroot, basil, spinach, or even squid ink. This way, a dish at a restaurant looks even more interesting, and a cook is appreciated by the guests. And this is the effect we want to achieve!