24 Nov 2018

Deep freezing at Perino – technology dedicated to the HoReCa sector

At Perino all products are deep frozen

Why? Because this really is the best solution for the HoReCa sector, which is a target group for our operations. Assuming, of course, that restaurateurs and chefs want to serve products of unchanged colour, taste, flexibility, and nutritional value. One may say that it is always the best to serve only fresh products, possibly, straight from a meadow… And such person will, of course, be right, but the reality of the food serving sector is different, and so food must be frozen. However, it is important to do it professionally! Unfortunately, usually, freezing means that excess products at facilities are put into a freezer. However, after defrosting it turns out that the same product does not look the same any more… It is a fact well known to every cook, whether professional, or cooking at home.  Therefore, at Perino we have become specialists in deep freezing of pasta fresca – fresh pastas and other products from pasta dough. The roots of our company stayed in Italy, and we draw on best standards from there. We manufacture in a way ensuring that our pastas after defrosting look and taste exactly the same, as if they were not subjected to this process. All year round!

Modern freezing technology

OK…, time for more details Why are we ‘better at freezing’? We use the cutting-edge technology aiming at maximum preservation of sensory properties and nutritional value of our products. It is an alternative to using preservatives or other less efficient methods. This is so-called ‘deep freezing’, which does not affect food parameters in any way. And we want to clearly emphasise here that this method can only be used when only natural ingredients are used for production! That is, such as we use. During traditional freezing, relatively large ice crystals form on the product surface, which, unfortunately, damage its structure. Therefore, after defrosting the product does not look the same, and also loses its nutritional value. Deep freezing is performed much faster, by a shock method, and ice crystals are small. They adapt to the product cells and do not damage the tissue. So by rapidly reducing the temperature of our pastas, we ensure that they will be exactly the same before freezing and after defrosting. They will be fresh.

Deep freezing means benefits for the food serving sector

Let’s take a look at our pasta fresca products from restaurateurs and chefs’ point of view. What are the benefits (of course, apart from exceptional taste, the highest quality, and the extensive range) of buying fresh deep-frozen products from Perino?

  1. Convenient, safe storage
    Our products should be stored at -18°C, and that is all when the storage process is concerned. The product is safe, nothing will happen to it, and it will not change its properties. It should not be defrosted before cooking, just put it straight into a pot.
  2. Exceptionally easy preparing
    Pasta fresca is put into a pot, cooked for 2 to 9 minutes (the time is always specified on a packaging), drained, and the dish is actually ready to eat. Products look as if they were just made – their colour, shape, texture, and, of course, taste are ideal.
  3. Long shelf life
    Note that it is a fresh product, and yet (with the deep freezing technology) its shelf life is as long as twelve months.
  4. Permanent access to seasonal products
    Seasonal, e.g., summer, products frozen using our technology will remain fresh even in winter. This way restaurant guests can be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Zero Waste!
    Buying pasta fresca from us ensures no waste in the kitchen: residues or waste, or products unused or prematurely gone bad. A fresh dish arrives on a table, and there is only its packaging left in a garbage bin. This is an important argument for a continuously increasing number of chefs.
  6. Stable food cost
    Once calculated, the food cost per dish with our pastas will remain within specified limits, as before they are served, they only require adding some Parmesan cheese, olive oil, or herbs. Therefore, the main ingredient in the calculation – our pasta fresco – will remain stable. Such knowledge is valuable for the effective cost management.
  7. And at last, the most important thing…
    Our products are simply exceptionally tasty and every cook will be happy to take credit for them.