Italian roots

The history of pasta fresco manufacturing at Perino reaches back to Italy and the 1950s. It is there where the grandfather of one of the current owners of the factory enjoyed a great renown amongst numerous restaurants to which he delivered own pastas for many years. What is important, he manufactured them himself, solely on a basis of original Italian recipes. Cultivation of this tradition is at a core of our mission, and it is one of the most valuable recommendations for the offered products.

European development

Thus, using original recipes we have developed our production, for years improving the procedures and exchanging experiences with chefs and highly qualified cooks throughout the Western Europe. Our commitment was recognised, and Perino products have been appreciated in the best hotels and restaurants in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland. And also in Poland, where another stage of the company’s history started.

Polish production

Polish specialists are famous for their diligence, openness to development, and respect for tradition. This approach formed a strong foundation for us to continue production of pasta fresca in Poland. Since 2009, our factory has been successfully developing near Warsaw, and Perino pastas are highly popular in nearly all premium restaurants in Poland. Our unique offer is continuously perfected, and Italian recipes are a manufacturing secret.