Pasta Fatta a Mano

Manually produced stuffed pastas, including: Tortellacci, Rettangoloni, Rotondi, and Triangoloni. They are distinguished by exceptional taste of the dough enriched with extraordinary stuffing.
Unforgettable taste and visual experience result from traditional Italian recipes, combined with carefully selected, always natural and original ingredients.


Pasta Ripiena

Original Italian dumplings stuffed with ricotta, spinach meat, or vegetables. Manufactured on a basis of proven traditional recipes.
The range includes square ravioli, crescent mezzelune, and sophisticated fagottini. An ideal main course when served with some butter and Parmesan cheese, or with light sauce.



Delicious Italian dumplings based on potatoes. The range includes classic gnocchi and flavoured gnocchi with basil, tomatoes, beetroot, and spinach
Another interesting option is stuffed gnocchi, pillow or ball-shaped. Gnocchi can be served as a main course, with sauce, butter, or pesto, or as a side dish, with meats.


Pasta Lunga

Fresh, deep frozen long pastas in classic or flavoured versions. All are made only from natural ingredients of the highest quality!
Long pastas can be served with vegetable or heavier meat-based sauces. The flavoured pastas can be served just with Parmesan cheese, or with butter and herbs.


Pasta Corta

Short pastas prepared from fresh Italian 100% durum wheat, and 6 fresh eggs. They are made on a basis of improved recipes, which were created in the 1950s.
Orecchiette, Garganelli, as well as spiral-shaped Strozzapreti. Additionally, notched Penne rigate and Maccheroncini - pasta in form of small cylinders of flexible dough.


Prodotti da forno

Cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, and Cannelloni with beef and pork. Each cannelloni cylinder is a masterpiece of a truly pleasing form and taste.
Similarly as ready-to-use Lasagne sheets that will suit the needs of any restaurant. They are of a standard size and impress with high quality of pasta dough.


Pesto al basilico
Pesto rosso